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Cutting Edge TeleHealth Solutions for Medication Adherence

. . . For Patient, Provider, Payor, Caregiver and Family






RxKeeper® reminds you to take your meds on-time . . . for less!

RxKeeper® is a solution to tackle the costliest health problem in America: Medication Adherence.  This product will seamlessly integrate into users' lives and encourage them to take control of their health. 


We plan to positively influence human behavior and increase medication adherence by using sensors and smart notifications (Push, SMS, E-Mail, Voice calls, Smart Speakers and Smart Bulbs).

RxKeeper® an integral part of any TeleHealth Ecosystem

Remote monitoring programs collect a wide range of health data digitally, such as vital signs, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, electrocardiograms, activity tracker, and medication adherence.

Tracking a patient's medication adherence is incredibly critical in managing care overall.

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Who Are the Primary Beneficiaries?
Senior Citizens
  • Aging in place
  • Assisted living
Healthcare Providers
  • Primary care physicians
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Busy individuals
  • Caregivers or relatives
  • Parents of children needing chronic care
  • Hospitals
  • Managed Care Organizations
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Pharmacies
  • Public Health Departments
  • NGOs
Senior Citizens
Checking Blood Pressure
Healthcare Providers
Family Unwrapping

RxKeeper® Connect

Sturdy Container
secure your vitamins and medications with peace of mind
Advanced Alarm
using a motion sensor to monitor activity, the alarm rings if you forget to take your medication
Wi-Fi Sensor
fast, reliable, and direct communication with the secure RxKeeper® App
Multiple Pairing Options
choose to pair your device with a Smart Speaker or Smart Bulb
Batteries required
only 4 AAA
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RxKeeper® App

Real-Time, Reliable Tracking 
the RxKeeper® App shows when the container was opened and closed
Historical Adherence Data
confidently review adherence trends to adjust habits (e.g., missed or multiple dosages)  
Customizable Notifications
something for everyone!  choose between Push, SMS, E-Mail, Voice call, Smart Speaker, or Smart Bulb notifications (or choose them all!)
No More Notification Fatigue
users are reminded only when they forget to take their vitamins or medications
Share App with Caregivers  
the RxKeeper® App can be securely shared with 3rd parties (e.g., family members or caretakers at a nursing home)
Easy To Learn and Use
even for the non-tech savvy!

How it Works


Download the RxKeeper® App and connect your RxKeeper® container to your Wi-Fi.
Place your vitamins and medicines in the RxKeeper® container.
Set your Alarm times and choose the reminders which will work best for you!
The RxKeeper® App and its features will actively support you in your efforts to improve your medication adherence!


Caretakers can access patient portal to help encourage adherence.
Caretakers can be notified when a medication time is missed.
No matter how close or how far . . . caretakers are able to support their loved ones with their health.
The RxKeeper® App is able to reassure caretakers that their loved ones are managing their health needs.

Watch RxKeeper® in Action

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User: Alexa, ask RxKeeper®, “Did I take my medication today?”
Hi RxKeeper® User, you have not taken your medication today.
User: Alexa, ask RxKeeper®, “When should I take my next medication?”
Hi RxKeeper® User, you should take your next medication at 9PM.


The Smart Bulb will blink and light up if medication is missed and it will turn off after medication is taken.


Enterprise caretakers can monitor their patients from a centralized dashboard.
This is a remote monitoring platform to ensure end-user compliance.
Enterprise caretakers can stay informed with real-time data.

You Choose. RxKeeper® Delivers.

The only medication reminder system in the WORLD with 8 customizable alerts to encourage adherence!

Container with Alarm

4 cascading alarm alerts with bright, blinking lights
Alarm stops when a user opens the container
* Service included with
 purchase of RxKeeper®

“Drugs do not work in patients who do not take them.”

Dr. C. Everett Koop, Former U.S. Surgeon General


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